Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mitt Romney's reboot

I thought it was time for some political cartoons again. Let's see how Romney has done since the convention.

As the above cartoon indicates, it actually started at the convention, with Paul Ryan repeating one blatant lie after another, Mitt Romney refusing to provide specific answers to anything, and finally - today's Republican Party in a nutshell - an angry old white guy arguing with an imaginary Barack Obama.

So where would the Romney/Ryan campaign go from there?

Well, first was Mitt Romney writing off half of America. Sorry, but he can't be bothered with the little people.

Of course, as Fox 'News' pointed out, that conversation with his millionaire backers was from way back in May. Heck, Romney has probably switched positions multiple times since then, huh? But the image stuck with him.

I didn't figure that would hurt him much, since people always think the free-loaders are someone else. But I could be wrong.

And sure, he tried to apologize...

And he tried to change the subject...

But he tried just a little too hard, using a time of national tragedy to score political points - and lying about it, to boot!

And then, in another flip-flop, he explained how we didn't need health care reform, because everyone could just go to the emergency room!

Most recently, what does Romney do to change the subject? He indicates he doesn't understand why you can't roll down the windows in a passenger jet!

Remarkable, isn't it? Romney seems to be channeling George W. Bush. President? I'm wondering if he should even be let out of the house on his own!

Clay Bennett probably says it best of all:

Who knew an Etch-A-Sketch was such a dangerous device?

And he's still got the debates to get through. Is it any wonder Republicans are panicking?

Democrats shouldn't get cocky, though. Republicans have been busy redistricting and working as hard as they can to discourage voting, especially among Democratic constituencies which aren't known for being reliable voters, anyway.


AJ said...

And then there is this cartoon:

WCG said...

Yeah, she's just registering "real" Americans, huh, Ann? Crazy, isn't it?

Thanks for the link.