Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bacon shortage?

Oh, man, this is going to be an absolute disaster! A global bacon shortage? What am I going to do with my tomatoes next year?

I've been upset enough at how expensive bacon has been this year, but it sounds like it might be worse in 2013. What will I do? Can my arteries survive going cold-turkey?

Note that I love Ana, but she's simply wrong about this. Calm down? How can I calm down??? And "bacon is the most over-rated food on the planet"? Oh, Ana, how could you?

Well, I guess she's not perfect after all. Wow! Ana Kasparian is flawed! I would never have believed it.

But I guess I'll forgive her. :)


Jim Harris said...

I saw the bacon shortage report on NBC Nightly News tonight and thought about you.

Have you tried veggie bacon?

Chimeradave said...

I thought of you too, but I've sent you all sorts of bacon links lately. Glad you found out about this one anyway. If you're that worried just buy a whole lot now and freeze it.

WCG said...

Veggie bacon? Oh, please, Jim! I don't even eat veggie vegetables. :)

WCG said...

Both of my freezers are full of strawberries, John (and some raspberries and cherries). I eat that stuff all winter on my morning oatmeal.

I did buy about ten pounds of bacon earlier this year, when it went on sale. But it still wasn't nearly as cheap as it had been the year before.

Oh, well, that's not the only food that's getting more and more expensive. I've really been noticing that lately!