Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nuance vs batshit crazy

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This was from Tuesday's show, so I'm a little late in posting it. But isn't this just typical?

Democrats treat Americans like we're intelligent, informed, reasoning voters. Heh, heh. Come on! Aren't there any politicians in the Democratic Party? How politically inept can they get?

We just saw how Republicans do it. They lie. Paul Ryan stood up at the Republican National Convention and told lie after lie - blatant lies, baldfaced lies, clear, unequivocal lies.

Republicans know that the news media won't call them out on their lies, not really - and certainly not without balancing it with "misleading" Democratic statements. And if they did, well, Republicans have their "liberal media" lie to muddy the waters. And Fox 'News' to back them up.

Republicans use lies to push fear and bigotry and hatred - good red meat, bloody and still steaming. They know that American voters are self-absorbed, ignorant, and gullible. Karl Rove showed them how to do it. Just lie!

But Democrats? Oh, Democrats don't always tell the truth. They're still human. But they tend to treat us like we're intelligent, rational adults, like we know what's been going on and can reason our way out of a paper bag, like we'll believe what the evidence shows us is true.

Frankly, if the Republicans weren't so completely batshit crazy, I wonder if the Democrats would ever win an election.

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