Thursday, September 6, 2012

Julian Castro at the DNC

Nice speech!

I've never understood why investing in America isn't a conservative position. Republicans supposedly admire businessmen. So why not invest in our nation? Why not invest in education? Why not invest in our young people?

But no, that's not being "conservative" these days, not in America. Not even conservation is "conservative" by the crazy standards of the right-wing.

And Mitt Romney's suggestion on how to get ahead? Borrow money from your parents! Well, that certainly worked for Mitt Romney, who was born rich. Mitt Romney's parents had millions of dollars to spare, even after raising kids.

But what if you weren't born rich? What about all those kids who could contribute to a better America if they were just given a chance? Why aren't we investing in those kids? Why aren't we investing in America?

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