Sunday, November 18, 2012

Another Minecraft milestone

I mentioned Minecraft the other day, when I was talking about procedurally generated content in games (well, I've blogged about it often enough before then, too). Anyway, I thought I'd note that it's become the ninth best-selling PC game ever, with more than eight million copies sold.

Keep in mind that this is pretty much the product of one person, 'Notch' Persson, who created and distributed the game (over the internet, of course) himself. After the millions of dollars (and other currencies - Notch is Swedish) started to roll in, he started a game development company and hired a couple of people, but this was entirely his baby.

Impressive, isn't it? I don't mean my simple little Minecraft house, pictured above, but the numbers. Most independent game developers don't hit it big - certainly not this big - but it can happen.

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