Thursday, November 29, 2012

Women, it's all your fault,... apparently

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The Word - Sisters Are Doing It to Themselves
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I realize that it's unusual to blame women for anything. (Right, Catholic Church?) Certainly, women never blame themselves for anything, do they? (I hope your sarcasm detector is working.)

But clearly, it's the women waging war on us poor, defenseless men who've caused the disasters in today's world - the women controlling our multinational corporations, the women who run our banks, the women who dominate our political system (and our religions). I see that now.

And how do you think we men feel about it? How could we weak, timid, unassertive men possibly compete with such amazons? Wah! It's just not fair!

Sadly enough, I see a lot of that kind of thinking online. There really is a subculture of misogynists who think that way. Call me naive, but that shocked me. Hadn't this battle been won decades ago? Are we still trying to keep women submissive and obedient to their lord and master, per God's (or Yahweh's or Allah's) plan?

Of course, this was at Fox 'News.' Gee, you have to wonder why the Republican Party is losing women, don't you? Since the start of the sexual revolution, we men haven't changed much? Um, maybe that's the problem.

But what kind of pathetic loser would a man have to be to object to a strong, confident, smart woman? Do you really think that Saudi Arabia is a good role-model for America?

As a man, these pathetic 'men's rights' idiots just embarrass me. So I can only imagine what women must think of Suzanne Venker!

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