Thursday, November 8, 2012

Why God isn't listening to them

Do you think this is just a joke? Well, it's definitely a joke, but that really is the implication from right-wing religious nuts.

Last week, I blogged about Christian pastor John McTernan blaming Hurricane Sandy on the gays. But it's not just right-wing Christians. Here's a rabbi claiming the same thing.

Some Muslim clerics are also claiming that Hurricane Sandy was divine retribution, though I haven't found any specifically linking it to homosexuality (although Allah has supposedly done such things in the past).

Of course, America is majority-Christian, so Muslim clerics in other countries probably don't have to explain why their own faithful are also affected. (They just ignore the fact that some are.)

But I kind of like this guy's idea:
In Saudi Arabia, prominent cleric Salman al-Audah said the storm was a wake-up call for Americans to convert to Islam. That may be difficult with both Islamic and Christian figures claiming control of natural disasters for their respective hurricane-based forms of divine judgment. It would be much easier if the religions would just divvy up natural disasters to avoid confusion as people run from religion to religion after disasters. Muslims could have earthquakes, Christians can have hurricanes, Buddhists can have cyclones, and Jews can have drought. Agnostics could be left with occasional flooding (“your lack of secularist beliefs has led to the dank smell in your basement and soggy rug pads.”).

Only we atheists will be left with reality, I guess. Well, that's OK with me.

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