Monday, November 19, 2012

More reactions to the election in cartoons

Cartoonists are still reacting to the election - mostly on how Republicans are reacting to it. (This is all about humor, after all.)

Here's a selection. See if you can follow the theme:

But I'm not sure which reaction has been the funniest, that from the GOP leadership or the crazy talk from their Dixiecrat base:

And given how wrong Republicans have been about everything else - not just this year, but for decades - what are the chances that they've finally got something right this time?

Still, I wonder if these last two cartoons are overly optimistic? Republicans know where they want to go and will do almost anything to get there. It's just completely the wrong direction for America.

But Democrats aren't sure if they want to go anywhere, certainly not if there's the slightest opposition. So they spend all their time dithering, without even getting to the point of starting the car.

Still, we can hope, at least:

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