Saturday, November 3, 2012

Every Obama conspiracy ever,... almost

That chart is from Mother Jones. Click on the image to enlarge it, or go directly to the original article, since they've got all of these crazy Barack Obama conspiracy theories in a list, along with links to all of them.

Yes, now you have a new source for everything your weird right-wing relatives send you, all in one convenient location.

But Mother Jones is careful to caution that this is almost every Obama conspiracy ever. After all, in the short time you've taken to read this, a new one is probably circulating in feverish right-wing imaginations.


Chimeradave said...

I can't believe "Went to Mars as a teen" is on there. LOL. Didn't Colbert just make that one up the other day?

Jeff said...

You stole Jody P's flowchart!! :)

I have resumed my attacks on he/she/it in the LJS. But I have to resort to guerrilla tactics, though. Unlike Jody, I can't stay camped out in front of my computer all day long. I have this thing that keeps getting in the way.....I believe it's called a LIFE.

In the meantime, my goal is to make Jody P feel like Khan near the end of "Star Trek II."

Forgive me, WCG, I'm not only a Star Wars nerd, I'm also a "Trekker."

WCG said...

John, I think that's the guy who claims he and Barack Obama were in a secret government project which involved teleporting to Mars.

I'm not sure how many people believe that one, but I can't say it's much crazier than the other conspiracy theories on that list.

WCG said...

A Star Wars nerd and a Trekker???

Well,... OK, I'm not a bigot. All kinds are welcome here. But you might be pushing my limits, Jeff. :)

Jim Harris said...

Republicans have tried to block African Americans from voting with new voter registration laws. I think we should advocate voter competency laws, so only sane people can vote.

People who believe this kind of shit are caveman ignorant. And calling them ignorant is being kind. Believing in these ideas is downright mentally ill type crazy.

Jeff said...


"The Matrix is a system, Neo..."

Jim Harris said...

Makes me want to go watch The Matrix again.