Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Can demon sex make you gay?

From AlterNet:
The reigning scientific consensus on sexual orientation is that it's an inherited, biological trait, but that's just because scientists don't know how to party. A far sexier explanation has been offered up by Christian magazine Charisma, which conducted its own investigation into the origins of homosexuality to reveal the real culprit: sex with demons.

As it turns out, it's not just homosexuality you have to fear, but erotic dreams of all kinds. Yes, this Christian magazine is trying to make you fear your dreams! Can you imagine the poor kids who are brought up to believe this kind of superstition?

From their article, sensationally titled "Can You Be Raped by the Devil?" (short answer: no, you can't, because the Devil is just make-believe):
Can demons engage in sexual activity with humans?

As bizarre as it sounds, those who minister to people in occult bondage say it's more common than you think. ...

The former stripper [Contessa Adams] has a ministry through which she exposes one of Satan's darkest secrets—sexual demons.

These spiritual rapists, as Adams describes them in her book, Consequences, often prey on people by performing sexual acts through nightmares and erotic dreams. ...

The two most identifiable sexual demons are the incubus, which is a male sexual demon that traditionally assaults women, and the succubus, which is a female sexual demon that assaults men. Sometimes they also lure people into homosexual behavior.

Adams notes that one evangelist, whose name she would not divulge, was so troubled by the sexual pleasure the succubus gave her that she even contemplated suicide.

Adams says the succubus spirit that used to attack her confused her so much that she contemplated becoming a lesbian. ...

Eddie Smith, the president of U.S. Prayer Track and a respected leader in deliverance ministry, believes that experiences like Adams' are common. He and his wife, Alice, have ministered to "at least hundreds" of people suffering from demonic sexual attacks.

Sure, this is funny, but I can't help but think of the people raised to believe this kind of bullshit.

Kids who usually struggle to come to terms with their homosexuality must have it far, far worse in an environment which not only identifies it as wrong, but actually claims the Devil is responsible.

And for all kids, to teach them to fear their dreams - especially their erotic dreams - well, that's just child-abuse.

Dreams are nothing. Dreams are just your idle brain struggling to make sense out of nerve synapse firing when your rational mind is turned off. Even at the edge of sleep, you're not particularly rational.

And especially at puberty - though not just then - you've got hormones flooding through your system. Your body is undergoing significant changes. Erotic dreams are natural, and like all dreams, they don't have to make sense.

Ignore your dreams. Laugh at them. Heck, enjoy them, when they're enjoyable. But don't fear them.

And if you love your kids, don't teach them crap like this!

(PS. I must admit that I wonder if this "former stripper" - with a name like 'Contessa Adams,' of course she became a stripper! - believes any of this herself, or if she's just found a clever way to milk the ignorant and the gullible.)

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